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Our Vision

To know Christ and to make Him known

Our Mission

Follow Jesus

We believe the foundation of everything is to follow Jesus. So the primary purpose of our Sunday service is to equip people to follow Jesus not just on Sunday but in their everyday

Thrive In Community

You were designed to thrive in every area of life and God’s design for us to experience that is community. We grow more like Him in the context of community and we were not designed to do life alone. The primary way we cultivate community and care for people is through our Community Groups

Make A Difference

Every person has gifts and talents, and a part to play in the body of Christ. We believe God created every person with an innate desire to make a difference, to impact the world around them for good. At Liberty Church we hope that every person reach a point in their journey of faith where they desire to join The Team and use their time, their talent or their treasure for the greater good